Who We Are

John PittariJohn Pittari, Jr., founder and owner of New Morning Market, got bit by the natural foods bug when he was in college. Today, many years later, John is still crazy about natural foods. Only now, he shares his passion with about 120 other people, working together from his 4th and final location at 129 Main St. North in beautiful Woodbury, Connecticut.

A Letter from John:

I often find myself reflecting on New Morning’s continuing journey down the road less traveled. I recalled many a conversation with new and longstanding customers that started with – Why does New Morning (fill in the blank)? The way I see it, Goodness is our business and determines what we do and also what we don’t do. Of course we’re proud of being home to the largest selection of organic produce, humanely raised local meats and dairy products as well as The Provender, our award winning fresh food counter. Oh, and we also have the most complete selection of Non-GMO wellness products in CT! But again, what has guided and driven us to take the road less traveled can be summed up in three words – to do good. Since 1971, one of New Morning Market’s operating principals is “to do good” and I think that 45 years of providing good food to good people for a good life is a testament to our commitment to New Morning’s Mission.

We recognize that it is not always clear what good food is. That is why we do the groundwork for you, making choices easier and more convenient while you shop. Our trusted and informed staff is happy to talk with you about which cleaning products are safest, what supplements are best for you, why our local, grass fed beef is so good, or which farm grew the vegetables you’re buying. In this age of an impersonal global food system, our personal support and insider knowledge of good food is essential to your health and the health of your family.

To me, goodness is also sharing knowledge and culture. Classes and Events we have planned for you include our annual Earth Day event in April, Anniversary Celebration in May and our Ice Cream Social Benefit for Safe Haven in June! Classes include variable topics on health and well-being, music, the mystical and many MORE. We also have ongoing yoga classes for all fitness levels, massage, nutrition and EFT therapy by appointment at the Vitality Center (2nd Floor). Visit our classes page for a full listing! All of us here at New Morning wish you and your loved ones a life full of Goodness as we continue our way down the road less traveled… together.

– John Pittari