Tips n’ Tricks for Thanksgiving Day

Whether you’re a seasoned Thanksgiving host or a newbie in the kitchen, here are some tips to make this year’s table the tastiest yet!  





  1. Get organized! Plan your menu, compile recipes, and translate them into a shopping list. 
  2. Sometimes pop-up turkey timers can be hard to gauge, we recommend always having a trusty meat thermometer by your side. Bake until temperature is 165 F at thickest point. 
  3. Start meal prep early, like days early! Breads and other baked goods (including whole unbaked pies) can be made ahead and frozen. Ditto for homemade stock for stuffing + gravy. Chop all the veggies for stuffing, sides, and salads 3 days ahead + store in airtight containers in the fridge. Make cranberry sauce up to a week before! 
  4. It’s okay to go pre-made! Pies, bread and other baked goods are sometimes better left to the professionals…like our Provender! They’re offering a full Thanksgiving menu from the turkey to the trimmings. 
  5. Save precious T-Day oven space for the turkey and dishes requiring a crispy finish, like gloriously golden stuffing. Speaking of crispy stuffing, try making it in a bundt pan for all-around crispy edges! 
  6. Mash your sweet potatoes and puree your butternut the day before. Serve in a slow cooker! Want make-ahead mashed potatoes? Load ‘em up with butter + cream and bake off as a casserole. 
  7. A kale salad or citrusy root vegetable slaw is not only a refreshing palate cleanser, it’s also a dish that doesn’t require cooking the day of! 
  8. Make enough for the second act! All that effort should be enjoyed for days! Intimidated by a large turkey? Cook two smaller ones! Want more white meat? Buy an extra turkey breast!
  9. Be prepared for all that leftover deliciousness! Organize your fridge for the feast! Have an assortment of reusable containers ready to go home with guests. Not hosting? BYO to-go containers.


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