The Vitality Center

Nutritionist and Clinical Herbalist
Alison Birks, MS (AHG) CNS.
Call to schedule: 203.263.0673 ext. 355 or
Alison has been in practice since 1997. She is a state licensed Nutritionist and Herbalist. She specializes in Weight Management, Gastrointestinal Disease, Celiac Disease, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Health, Women’s Hormonal Health, Stress-Related Disorders, Food Allergies, Sensitivities & Special Diets and works with most insurance companies. She also compounds custom herbal formulas tailored to each individual client. Email or call for info or appt: – 203.263.0673 ext. 355

Naturopathic Physician & Acupuncture
Shawn Carney N.D.
Every 3rd Friday and  Saturday
Call to schedule: 800.723.2962

Dr. Carney is a licensed Natuopathic Physician whose goal is to help patients overcome their health concerns by restoring balance and proper function to the body. Dr. Carney employs laboratory testing, botanical medicine, nutrition, nutraceuticlals, homeopathy, counseling and physical medicine in his approach to optimizing health. He also works with most insurance companies

Hypnosis for Health
Kim Nagle, CH CI – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Call Kim to schedule: 203-565-6495
For almost twenty-five years Kim Nagle has been professionally helping people meet life’s challenges and transitions. Kim trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist and now utilizes Hypnotherapy, Holographic Memory Resolution, Bi-lateral brain stimulation and healing with sound through Brainwave Entrainment Technology.  Kim wants to help you meet your greatest potential. She will customize her treatment to meet your specific needs.

Using hypnotherapy Kim works with you to achieve your greatest potential through changing perceptions, patterns and other issues. She uses hypnosis to assist with most ADDICTIONS including anxiety reduction, smoking cessation, losing weight and much more. Hypnosis can help you with anxiety, metaphysical and transpersonal issues, phobias/fears and many health problems. In a safe environment you will begin to experience increased self- esteem, freedom from emotional distress and deep healing. As a hypnotherapist and transpersonal therapist for almost 25 years Kim has guided thousands of individuals and group members in resolving issues helping them to feel healthy in body, mind and spirit

In the last ten years Kim has trained in Holographic Memory Resolution, a trauma model, used to transform all types of trauma.  She is also an energy healer using crystals to help with a variety of physical, psychological and spiritual issues.

All Natural Facials, Skin Care and Waxing
Dana Salvador
Call to schedule: 203.731.9354

Cosmic Facial Massage and treatment! Whatever the issues in the tissues from Acne to Aging.  Dali is a licensed cosmetologist who has been in practice for over 25 years. She uses vegan and cruelty free products that she makes herself!
Facials 30 minutes: $75
60 minutes:
90 minutes
(packages available)
Waxing: Brow Shaping:
Touch up
$10, Other services available.

Private Councelor- Individual and Group Therapy
Jenny Casey LCSW
Call to schedule: 860.248.0185
Jenny Casey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Connecticut. She has over 18 years of experience with adults and adolescents offering individual therapy and support groups.  Jenny specializes in bereavement support, including for survivors of suicide, and in women’s issues and stress managementShe has worked with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, the chronically ill, the elderly, hospice patients, the bereaved and adolescents and their families. Through open-hearted deep listening, positive psychology and mindfulness practices, Jenny guides her clients to adapt to life’s challenges and stressors.  In addition to traditional modalities, Jenny has been a student of Peruvian shamanic practices for over 5 years Drawing from these practices, she helps clients access the healing powers of the natural world and she offers clearing and blessing ceremonies and rituals.  A proponent of integrative and holistic medicine, she is a lifelong meditator and maintains a daily yoga practice. 

 EFT & Holistic Therapy with Dawyn Cloud-Alter, B.S., M.S.M.F.T., C.F.H., E.F.T.
Call Dawyn to schedule: 203-297-4193
By using EFT in conjunction with cognitive behavior therapy, you are set on a new course to relief much faster than with conventional psychotherapy alone. The skills and techniques you learn will become new life skills, enabling you to navigate your own ship successfully.  Dawyn is a therapist and EFT Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in helping people of all ages with anxiety, anxiety disorders, panic and anxiety attacks, fears, phobias, trauma and PTSD
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Jodi Schneider
Call to schedule: 603.731.4838
Jodi offers a 6-month program that supports and empowers her clients in reaching their personal wellness goals. Jodi is trained in holistic nutrition, prevention of disease, relaxation techniques, anti-aging practices to maintain cognitive and physical health, along with aruveda practices to reset your circadian clock for better sleep, optimal digestion, and less stress. With 14 years culinary experience, she guides you through selecting and cooking nutritious food.

Guided Meditation and Sound Healing with Morgan Leever, Med
4th Wednesday of Every Month 6:30pm
This class is perfect for everyone from beginners to the experienced. We start off with a progressive relaxation to allow the body to unwind from the day. This is followed by a guided meditation, each month offers a different area of focus. These include balancing the chakras (energy systems in the body), inner peace, setting intentions for the future, loving kindness, and more! No Registration Necessary.

Kundalini Yoga Classes – Anne Novak
Mon & Thurs 6:00pm/Tues & Fri 9:00am
A dynamic combination of movement, postures, breath work practices, meditation, and sound healing with the gong which strengthens the flow of healing energy through the body, improving physical health and fitness, relieving stress and allowing us to deeply relax and enjoy life. Appropriate for all levels of experience and fitness.
Info:  No registration required!