Sweets to Feel Good About

Not all sweets are created equal! This Valentine’s Day we’re thinking deliciously and deliberately. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite treats to share with someone special, or to treat yourself.

Sweets We Can Stand Behind

Hail Merry’s Tarts.

Consisting of healthy fats from nuts and coconut oil, these vegan tarts are so good that it’s hard to believe that they’re actually good for you. Hail Merry’s was born out of this very principle. Founder and recipe creator Susan O’Brien became so intoxicated with the health benefits of raw plant-based dietary fats that she set out to create dessert perfection. And she succeeded! While Hail Merry’s chocolate offerings are borderline irresistible, their coconut vanilla créme is pretty dreamy too.

Big Picture Farm Farmstead Caramels.

From the hills of scenic Vermont, come the most beautiful handmade caramels that you ever did see. Farmers Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell raise a small happy herd of goats and turn their creamy, delicious milk into award-winning confections. Big Picture also aims to share the narrative of agriculture, etching portraits of their goat gals on their packaging and farmhouse swag. Accompanying anecdotes make for lovely browsing on their website.

Choc Mint Dessert HummusDelightedbyHummus Desert Hummus.

Hummus…for Valentine’s Day? Yes please and thank you! This isn’t your everyday hummus. DelightedbyHummus transforms hummus into a decadent dessert. With flavors like brownie batter, choc-o-mint, and vanilla bean, dessert hummus blazes a new trail in snack territory. Thanks to its chickpea base, dessert hummus is rich in protein.

Seattle Chocolates.

Spearheaded by self-taught chocolatier Jean Thompson, Seattle Chocolates is a nationally certified Women’s Business Enterprise who takes their role as a business leader seriously. Their #chocolategives campaign is working to provide 10 million servings of fresh food to American families. They’re also not afraid to show their silly side—Seattle Chocolates produces fun flavors of premium truffles and truffle bars in equally playful packaging (like their pretzel and peanut combo called “We Work Together Like Nuts and Bolts”).

Bear Nibbles Fruit Yoyos.

Not just for kids! These real fruit rolls have, as they candidly put it, “no added nonsense.” Their ingredient list is pure and simple—whole fruits like apples, pears, and berries with black carrot extract. No added sugar or fruit concentrates. Plus, Bear takes you (or maybe this is just for the kiddos) around the world via an adventure card included in each Yoyo.

New Morning Market Valentines CupcakeHu Chocolate.

Organic, fair-trade, non-GMO, vegan, and paleo. Hu Chocolate cuts through the crud typical in candy bars (i.e. emulsifiers, soy lecithin, and refined sugars) for a more human and less industrial take on chocolate. They use fairly traded cacao and cacao butter thereby supporting sustainable livelihoods for the farmers. Sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar and gussied up with healthy additions like quinoa, banana, and hazelnut butter.

Baked Goods Made by Our Provender.

Last, but certainly not least, our very own bakery regularly conjures up seasonal sweet treats from wholesome, organic ingredients. For Valentine’s Day, our bakers are celebrating with linzer cookies, chocolate mousse, truffles, and a steadfast favorite—chocolate and vanilla cupcakes crowned with buttercream frosting. All hand-made with lots of love.

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