Sustainability Efforts


Bags for Change


We’re continuing our commitment to reducing plastic with our new Bags for Change program! Bring a reusable bag to reduce your environmental impact while supporting a charity of your choice! Use a reusable bag and you will earn a wooden nickel. Select one of our featured mission-oriented non-profit partners to support and we’ll donate five cents per wooden nickel!







Choose to support one of our current charities*:


Brass City Harvest focuses on transforming the local and regional food system so that everyone has equitable access to fresh Connecticut-grown food. They also work to support Connecticut’s farmers through creating infrastructure and opportunities, including new markets and the state’s first food hub facility.



Kitty Kat Rescue is a non-profit located in Oakville, CT, dedicated to rescuing, fostering, vaccinating, sterilizing, and adopting cats in order to reduce the population of unwanted and not cared for cats.  




Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC) works to ensure plentiful high quality water in the Pomperaug Watershed communities through the use of science and education. PRWC shares their knowledge and expertise with others committed to the protection of water resources for future generations.




*We’ll be collecting donations for these organizations from January 18 – March 18.