Time to Order Your Holiday Turkey!

Traditional Stuffed Turkey

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to talk turkey. New Morning’s Meat Department offers four different fresh turkeys—all carefully selected based on quality standards for animal care and, of course, flavor. Choose from pasture-raised, organic, or heritage breed birds in a range of sizes.


Call the store to order your fresh turkey:  

1. Pick your bird.

2. Select a size.

Plan on 1-2 pounds of uncooked turkey per person, with more for leftovers. Our turkeys come in a range of sizes. While we try meet your size preference, the final weight can fall at either end of the range.

3. Reserve your turkey.

Once you’ve decided on your turkey and size, call New Morning to place your order.  You can also order directly at the store. Staff at the Customer Service Desk or Meat Department can place an order for you. Ordering early ensures the most options!


Stonewood Farm Natural      $4.29/lb.

Naturally raised in open-sided barns with good ventilation on a family-owned-and-operated farm in VT. Never given antibiotics or hormones. Vegetarian diet. No animal by-products.

Sizes: 12-15 lbs. | 16-19 lbs. | 20-24 lbs. | 25-29 lbs.| 30+ lbs.


Plainville Farms Natural     $3.99/lb.

Pasture-raised in a fee-range environment. Humanely raised. Never given antibiotics or hormones. Vegetarian diet. No animal by-products.


Sizes: 10-12 lbs. | 12-14 lbs. | 14-16 lbs. | 16-18 lbs. | 18-20 lbs. | 20-22 lbs. | 22-24 lbs. | 24-26 lbs. | 26-28 lbs. | 28-30 lbs.


D’Artagnan Organic      $5.49/lb.

Certified organic. Free-ranged on a family farm with full access to outdoors. Fed an organic non-GMO vegetarian diet and pure spring water. No protein supplements, by-products, pesticides, or herbicides.

Sizes: 8-12 lbs. |12-16 lbs.| 16-20 lbs. | 20-24 lbs. | 24-28 lbs.


Northwind Farm Heritage Bronze     $8.99/lb.

Heritage Bronze was once the most popular turkey breed in America. Pasture-raised on a family farm in NY’s Hudson Valley. Never given antibiotics or hormones.

Sizes: 12-16 lbs. | 16-20 lbs.