Provender Catering

Hello!  Trending news about the newly established Provender Catering Dept is here and it’s all good! We are fully launched for one year with many positive results to report! Why did we wait so long?

Offerings are the same wonderful services as we have in the past and we are delighted to welcome all of the new customers who continue to find us on our path. That smiling face appearing in numerous New Morning Market Catering ads reflects my absolute sense of accomplishment in all that we have done over the past year.

Our impressive results are a testament to the detailed work put into place to develop the “new” Catering Dept.  Services for large social events and our elegantly prepared meals-to-go continue to be a mainstay; but, now we are also are able to offer other meal solutions that in the past may have been difficult to meet. Special orders for a 30 day meal package, for instance, portion packed and ready to freeze! Or orders for casual dining and events like Game Night are now possible with less advance timing! These just represent a few of the newer options that can take the stress out of meal planning.

Provender Catering recipes are always prepared with the same impressive ingredients sold throughout the store and receive attention to flavor, quality and satisfaction that you deserve!  Most requests are never too small! So don’t wait for major events to happen. Catering may just be getting what you want for dinner, your way and when you want it. Give us a call!

Your eating experience is my pleasure!   Carol

The Catering Menu


Good morning Carol,

I just wanted to tell you the food was AMAZING!!! The day was perfect! Thank you for everything, It was a pleasure working with you! Hoping I get some pics to send along to you…
Talk soon!  Amanda (Zygmont. Bride who picked up a “To Go” dinner for her wedding)

Carol, Don’t know how best to put it in words, but here goes…………

You are always our go to person when we have people or things to celebrate. Your attention to detail and passion for excellence is always front and center.  You focus on all the senses in creating food, fabulous food !!!  Your repertoire and variety and help  in menu planning is extraordinary.  Every time we use your services our guests rave about the food’s taste, appearance, etc and how excellent the service is.  Your generosity of spirit and community citizenship and willingness to always help in so many ways makes it an absolute pleasure to work with you and benefit from your talents.   Anne( Delo) & Rosemary (Giuliano)

Hire Carol, chef of New Morning, relax and enjoy your parties.  Your only duty will be to take the complements for the food.  Carol’s food is delicious, fresh, inventive and beautiful.  Best catering I haveimg_0627 had, and
believe me I have had some great parties.  

Not only is Carol’s food delicious.  She is a delight to work with.  She listens to your requ
ests, offers suggestions and executes with competence.  

Carol takes pride in her food and it shows in the final product.  She wants her customers to be proud of the food they serve their guests.  

Deb (Hartnett) Deborah Hartnett
Novens, Inc. ; Woodruff House, Litchfield, CT 06759