Local Stories: Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens

In an intricate dance of soil, seed, and sun, Sal Gilbertie oversees the production of millions of organic seedlings to feed Connecticut’s families. In a fleet of greenhouses in Easton, CT, Sal and the staff of Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens coax tender green plants of an astonishing variety to fruition according to the rhythm of the season. Gilbertie’s custom blends of mesclun and petite edible greens grace local tables year-round. In spring and summer, gardeners eagerly await their pint-sized pots of culinary herbs (think lavender and lemon balm, basil and rosemary, an entire collection of cultivated mints) and six-packs of hardy vegetable seedlings. 

Nearly 100 years in the making, growing beautiful healthy plants is a Gilbertie family tradition—one that Sal has transitioned to organic. Tiny shoots of sunflowers, spades of red-veined sorrel, and lances of dill grow in nutrient-dense potting soil that is blended on-site according to Sal’s own tried and true recipe. Beneficial insects, instead of chemicals, are used to keep pests at bay in their greenhouses—making it safe to sample a peppery orange nasturtium blossom from a hanging basket or to pinch a ruffled leaf of lettuce from a raised bed.


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