Independents’ Day

Right now, across the country there are 350 independently owned natural food stores, like New Morning Market, working to make a difference within their communities. Together, we form the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA). New Morning joined in 2006, inspired by INFRA founder and president Corinne Shindelar’s vision to gather together independent natural food stores and align their efforts to preserve the values and integrity that the natural foods industry was founded on.

In reflecting upon his eight  years of service on the INFRA board, John Pittari said, “It has been challenging but rewarding work. INFRA evens the playing field for our members within the natural foods landscape in a couple of ways. Through member sharing of their best practices, stores improve operations and profitability. And acting as a group, stores share resources (like our monthly sales flyer); positively influence the standards, selection, and availability of products in the marketplace; and leverage their collective buying power in the natural foods supply chain. This translates to lower prices for customers here at New Morning Market and other INFRA stores from coast to coast. Together, we become a stronger voice for positive change within the industry.” INFRA’s combined efforts have led to improved quality standards for natural products. For example, members were instrumental in the Non-GMO movement, both in the creation of the Non-GMO Project and as leaders bringing awareness to their communities of the presence of GMO’s in their food.

New Morning Market proudly aligns with INFRA’s mission of “Strengthening our members through collaboration to forge a sustainable future.” In the spirit of Independence Day, vote with your dollars at locally owned businesses. At New Morning Market your “vote” also ripples across the entire INFRA community–positively impacting the whole U.S. food system, from the farm to the grocery shelf. United with our customers, we are making a difference. Please join us.

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