Easy Ways to Help the Earth Every Day!

Since 1995, celebrating Earth Day in a big way has been a New Morning Market tradition. And while we look forward to annually celebrating with our community every year, we also take small strides daily to lighten our impact on the environment. This April, join us as we celebrate Earth Day every day with a month-long celebration! Here are some easy ways to help reduce your environmental footprint this month, and hopefully, in the days that follow.



Steps You Can Take:


Shop the bulk bins to reduce packaging (when you bring your own reusable container) and manage food waste. Buying in bulk allows you to buy just what you need.






Reduce food waste by sticking to your grocery list! Don’t buy more than you need and cook all that you buy with the help of a meal plan. Lots of food scraps can be eaten with some creative cooking. Carrot tops and fennel fronds both make delicious pesto, and other veggie trimmings are perfect for stock. Too much to eat? Many leftovers freeze well.

Compost any food waste you can’t eat instead of throwing it away. Composting returns organic material to the earth and helps build healthy soil.




Grow an organic garden with your compost! Gardening is the ultimate way to cut carbon emissions associated with your food’s transportation. Plus, organic gardening helps trap CO2 in the soil—thereby combatting climate change with homegrown tomatoes.




Support local farmers by eating in-season. Supporting local growers is important for keeping farmland in production. Agricultural landscapes are rich in ecological biodiversity and organic farming practices prioritize healthy soil—which in turn yields healthy produce.





Bring your own reusable bag (and water bottle and to-go container and cloth napkin). Ditch single-use packaging whenever you can by being prepared! If you do encounter single-use items, recycle them instead of throwing them away.






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