How to Cube Butternut Squash

Want to cube butternut squash like a pro? Here’s a handy how-to.  Similarly cut pieces of squash will cook more evenly. Great for roasting, sauteing, and adding to soups and stews!





8 Steps For Perfectly Cubed Butternut:




Cut off stem and blossom ends with a sharp knife.

Peel squash. Ceramic peelers get the job done with ease!

Once peeled, halve the squash right down the middle.

Scoop seeds out with a spoon. Don’t discard! You can toss with oilve oil and salt. Roast on a sheet pan at 300°F for 20-25 minutes.

Cut each half right above the seed cavity, splitting it into the neck and the body.

Cut the neck into evenly sized strips. Repeat this step with the body (you’ll cut rings instead of strips).

Cube it all up! Try to cut similar sizes for more even cooking.

Cook as desired. To roast, place into pan. Add oil and seasonings of your choice. You can also boil, sauté, or add directly to soup or stew.































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