Interesting facts about Staff Members

Produce Manager: Kerry Synott
I’ve been with New Morning for 14 years, I like to garden. I’m a friend of farmers. I like to cook. I don’t like to bake because I have to measure everything and then there are too many dishes.

Data Analyst: Jennifer Kaiser
I have been with New Morning for 5 years. I’m married 17 years with 2 cats Mosey and Ruben. I am a movie enthusiast. I love knitting and gardening. My favorite New Morning product is the Forbidden Rice Salad.

Wellness Manager: Cyd Sellars
I’ve been with New Morning since 1996. At one time I was both a ballerina and a farmer. I’ve been married to Clark for 28 years and have 2 daughters Brenna and Kiernan who also work at New Morning! My favorite New Morning product is Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Serum.

Meat & Seafood Manager: Paul Chan
I’ve been with New Morning for 4 years. I was a working fashion portrait photographer until 2000 (bet you didn’t know that). I ran kitchens for many years. I love to cook, my daughter Anneke’s favorite is pork cutlets with lemon butter caper sauce. I am (ready…) a British born Chinese American! I also lived in Paris France for 3 years.

IT Manager: Karin Damiani
I’ve been with New Morning for 29 years! I am a classically trained flutist and have won awards. I have a small farm with cows. I love sailing. I love hiking at Mohawk State Forest whenever I have a chance. My kids got me a camera and I’m starting to get into photography. I love taking pictures of nature and where I live there’s lots of it!

VP of Finance and Administration: Lori Pittari
I’ve been with New Morning since March of 2014. I am afraid of heights, bugs and I don’t like dirt. I tap danced for many years. I am married to David and have 3 sons DJ, Dominic, Danny, one daughter Kristi, four dogs Boscoe, Bailey, Avi and Mahala and three cats Bouncer, Riley and Zachary and two birds Nikon and Canon. I love cooking, drawing, painting and reading.

Vitality Center: Kimberly Bouton
I have been with New Morning since 1999. I am one of 7 children. I love being outdoors, cooking and playing in my vegetable and flower gardens. I spend a lot of time at our little cabin on the Quinnebaug River. I’ve been married to my best friend Kenny since 1995. We have 2 dogs Bully and Chloe, a cat Moxie as well as 5 birds and fish.

Customer Service and Classes & Events Program: Emily Hunt
I have been with New Morning for 18 years! I am married and have a beautiful daughter Nora Sage.  I have two rescue dogs Mabel and Ellie (would have 20 if they could all fit). I love cooking, hiking, gardening and seeing as much good live music as possible. My favorite New Morning product is Honest Kids Goodness Grapeness Juice (for kids of all ages).