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Grand Opening THIS Memorial Day Weekend!

What’s on Deck?

Lots of sampling from 10am-2pm each day, special events,
giveaways and tons of fun!  Enter to win an Organic Pantry Makeover!

Friday, May 25th

Donate to the Connecticut Chapter of Northeast Organic Farming Association at
our registers!

Ribbon Cutting with John Pittari
In Front of our store!
Join John, Jane and Millie as they cut the ribbon to the newest addition to their family: New Morning Market at 129 Main St North in Woodbury!

Live Music from Doug Mahard
In the Café

Grab a cup of joe, a revitalizing smoothie or some munchies from the Provender and enjoy the folk/grassy/jazz music of Doug Mahard in our café! Doug is influenced from his time in Louisiana and he brings his unique sound to us at New Morning Market.  

Panel Discussion and Q&A: “What is Hopeful about Our Food System?”
6pm- 7:15pm
In the Community Room
Join John Pittari, Analiese Paik, and Terry Walters as they discuss what is hopeful for our food system and how we’re making real change in the way we eat. They’ll be discussing today’s food and farm legislation, organizations and influential individuals who are all working to improve our health and wellbeing. How the average American dinner gets to our table and how our food is treated is a scary affair, and in this panel you’ll hear what is truly hopeful, delicious and safe about today’s food system.
Please register in advance.  Space is limited. Registration Required!

Saturday, May 26th

Kid’s Face Painting
11am-1pm -Outside
Before you come in or as you leave, stop by for face painting and fun!

Book Signing & Cheese Tasting with Cooking Channel’s Jason Sobocinski
In the Café
Calling all Cheese Lovers! Join Jason Sobocinski in our café for a book signing and cheese tasting. Jason Sobocinski, the owner and founder of New Haven’s award-winning restaurant/cheese shop Caseus Fromagerie Bistro and host of Cooking Channel’s The Big Cheese, comes to New Morning Market to share his wealth of cheesy knowledge, to sample some of our ripest and yummiest cheeses and sign copies of his new cookbook, Caseus Fromagerie Bistro Cookbook: Every Cheese Has a Story.

Family Movie Night
Ratatouille (Rated G)
In the Community Room
Grab your PJ’s, your favorite stuffed animal and a fluffy cushion or pillow to sit on, and join us in our Community Room to watch Disney’s Ratatouille! We’ll have organic popcorn, juice and snacks available to munch on and of course, we’ll have ratatouille from the Provender for everyone to sample! Registration Required!

Sunday, May 27th

Writing  Your Personal Eating Recipe
Alison Birks, MS (AHG) CNS
In the Community Room

With an overload of dietary information and personal selection within our reach, it’s often confusing to decide which foods and eating philosophy best work for our individual selves.  As our bodies change, and as our lifestyles change, so does our food choices.  How we eat today is likely not the same as we did five years ago,  or as we will five years from now.   So how do we select our own personal eating recipe?  In this  exciting workshop we will gain from the amazing benefits of being informed (debunking some popular myths about ‘bandwagon’ diets) and affirm that we indeed have all the power we need inside of us to create the healthy lives we desire, by learning to make smarter choices for our body. Registration Required!

Monday, May 28th

Happy Memorial Day!
Doggie Adoption Day!
In the Parking  Lot

Visit the newest member of your family and get the adoption process started here at New Morning Market! Puppies from Bonnie Blue Rescue will be in our parking lot from 12pm-5pm and they’ll be looking for a new home. Come prepared to fall in love!

Photo Update 05/21/2012

John, Jane and Millie welcome you! (left)

John and long time customer Susan Karcher reminiscing.
Our brand new full service fish case!
The produce department looks fabulous!
Paige Keane from Sandy Hook enjoyed a snack in the cafe.
Meet Richard our new meat manager.
Check out our new full service meat case too!
Curt Riebeling and Margaret Moss from Newtown enjoyed a freshly made smoothie to order.

Our beautiful new dairy cases (above)

John talking about our new eco-friendly skylights (right)

Wellness manager Cyd with Joan Hollis from Winsted (right)
Cathy and Jackson Kost shopping for produce (above)

Our homeopathic expert John Munno with a customer (right)
Sue Peck with her cheese case full of a fantastic selection of cheeses which you can try before you buy!
Robin Volkmar from Sherman checked out the fish case (above)

Ohhhh and for dessert...

Photo Update 05/17/2012

The Produce Department looks incredible!

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Photo Update 04/23/2012

Provender Cafe is looking snazzy!

One of three full service cases.  Meat, Fish and Cheese!  More to come on that...



Seating with a view.

Photo Update 04/12/2012

Layout of the New Store!  Click to see Full Size!

Check out the upstairs Community Room!

Sneak peek at the Ladie's Room, the colors are great!

Cheese and meat cases that run along the back wall of the store.


The Cafe area is coming along beautifully.


John helping to erect locally sourced Roxbury Granite pillars - see it finished in the next photo.


The Sandwich Station will be here close to the Provender counter. 


04/05/2012 Photo Update

This is the cafe and juice bar!  We are looking so forward to seeing you all there!




The Wellness department will feature a 10 foot long professional make up counter!



Check out the Environmentally Friendly Perishables cases.  They save up to 84% in annual energy costs over open multi-deck cases. Now that's responsible energy conservation.



This is the beverage cooler, conveniently located next to our new grab 'n go deli cases.


And we can't leave out Produce - You'll have three times more to choose from!


This is where I'll be sitting sipping my freshly made smoothie and taking in the view of The Garden...



New location attributes

Expanded Departments (Produce, Meat, Seafood, Wellness, Cheese, Provender, Grocery, Dairy, Bulk)

Coffee, Juice and Smoothie Bar

Larger, comfier café space with FREE WIFI

Community Room for classes, demonstrations, rent

Kombucha on tap

Same New Morning Values

Highest quality organic and natural products that are healthy for people and the planet

Locally grown, raised and produced products to support and sustain the local economy, land and community members

Provide best customer service from our staff of dedicated, mission driven employees
Want a larger version of this map?




03/23/2012 Photo Update

Community table for new Provender Cafe





The new Produce Department is HUGE


New cases have also arrived and are ready to be set.


03/22/2012 Photo Update

Industrial Rigging lifting the mechanical room for refrigeration onto the roof!  We'll be able to control it with smart phones.



03/15/2012 Photo Update

What a beautiful job on the bar! I can't wait to see it complete.


This is the Produce Department.  It's what you'll see first when you walk into the store.  Kerry will be standing there with a big smile on her face!



The cases for the grocery aisles are going into place.  We're going to have LOTS more room to stock your favorites.


03/03/2012 Photo Update!

The floors have been buffed out and finished! They look great.  We chose a pea stone agregate that is unique to the Pomperaug River Valley in Woodbury.  It's beautiful with flickers of mica throughout.



To the left you can see the bar in the new cafe area.  Imagine eating a delicious, freshly prepared lunch with a view of the garden center!



02/27/2012 Photo Update!

The barn wood in the entryway looks spectacular! The progress has been amazing.


Looks like most of the ceiling grid is installed as well.

02/03/2012 Photo Update!

We're installing hand hewn reclaimed beams John got from a barn on Governers Hill.  They're so beautiful up close.  More on these to come!


These chestnut planks are also from the barn - they were used as underlayment and the shingles we're nailed to them.



01/19/2012 Photo Update! Sneak Peek at New Decor

We still have our cardboard "sign" up on the front of the store.



with a fulll scale mock up we drew on cardboard!

The barn wood walls in the Provender area are looking gorgeous!

Our interior designer Ellen Grickis is sketching out how the trees will lay out.   More about those below.


01/05/2012 Photo
Update! Sneak Peek at New Decor

Check out the new doors!
Now come on in and see what we've got going on inside...


John showing me some very old tree slabs that we harvested locally from trees that were knocked over during Storm Alfred.  We're using them in the store decor.  Pretty cool huh?



This is where the Wellness Department and Service Desk will be locate. We're looking toward the front doors.


Good to know we were able to put them to good use.

This is the wall that separates the Provender Cafe from the register area.
Some view you'll have while enjoying your yummy Provender treats.


12/16/11 Photo Update!

The walls are being sheet rocked in the new Provender Space as well as much of the rest of the store.


December 7 - New Store Exclusives

Grocery aisles
will feature signs that highlight vegan and gluten-free offerings, as well as product certifications like fair trade and certified humane.

New Morning will also offer an increased cosmetics selection and personal color consultations.

The community room on the new second floor that will provide space for cooking classes and screenings of movies that educate about healthy and organic food.

The Provender at New Morning will be serving their own oven-roasted organic turkey and roast beef, as well as custom sandwiches, artisanal cheeses and ready-to-eat ethnic cuisines for customers who have time to sit down in our newly expanded café, which will accommodate 32 guests, and those who want to grab it on the go. 

New Morning will be introducing a blog on our Website! It will enable us to respond to news and information in the mainstream media, and help customers make the best choices for their own lifestyle.

Our Wellness Department currently has a special order program, but will enhance it to allow customers to order even more supplements not always carried on the shelves. 

The community is welcome to email suggestions to suggestions@newmorn.com, or drop hand written ideas into the suggestion box in the front of the store.

November 23 - Photo Update!

The environmentally friendly parking lot
has parking bays that are made of gravel pave (featured on ABC News segment with Diane Sawyer).  This is an engineered system that allows water to be recharged directly back into the aquafir.  Learn more about Invisible Structures.





November 18 - Photo Update!

Went out to the new store to check out what's happening and dream about some of the things we want to do with the interior..


The outdoor lighting is in and the parking lot was being worked on while we were there.  This view is out toward Rt. 6.


From the Provender seating area.

October 23 - Photo Update!

John took New Morning employees on a guided tour of the new store on Sunday morning!


This area will be the Provender Cafe  - what a view you'll have while enjoying your freshly prepared Provender favorites...



Looking back toward the expanded Produce department.  We'll have lots more room to make good use of Kerry's creativity.


It's looking more like the rendering every day! Stay tuned for more info!

September 26 - Photo Update

The cedar shakes are being installed on the upper level of the new New Morning!


September 13 - Photo Update

September 5 - Photo Update

The new building weathered the storm! The exterior siding is making it's way around the front building. Take a peek inside...


The floor has been poured, this is the view from the Provender area.

August 18 - Photo Update
John and Millie hard at work at the new location.
The siding is finally going up!  If you don't get a chance to drive by to check out the progress (just 2 miles up the road) keep checking back here and we'll keep you updated.

Let us know what you think through our survey! 

August 4, 2011 - Update

We have been listening to what you want, and what you don’t, through our ‘new store surveys’, and we are thrilled to announce that the following enhancements are being incorporated into our new store. You can begin enjoying them as soon as we move!

A larger selection of local skincare products: Our Wellness Department will offer expanded selections from local companies like Adivasi, Rowanwood Farm, and Olive My Skin.

More café seating. (see view below) The Provender seating will expand from our current capacity of 8 people, to comfortably accommodate 32 people.

Expanded bulk products selections. We will have room to expand our section of non-packaged goods, also known as bulk products. We will offer you more of an opportunity to save money and the environment by cutting down on the packaging that accompanies pre-packaged foods.


Ready-to-Eat Fresh Produce. Our produce department features almost 100% organically grown produce, unlike other stores who only average around 25% organic. We will have convenient everyday solutions for your busy life, such as pre-cut ready to eat and use fruits and veggies.

Great new classroom and even more classes. Not only will our current selection of classes be expanded, but our classroom will have natural lighting which is easier on the eyes, as well as spacious and comfortable seating, which will be easier on your you-know-what.




06/22/2011 -New Store Exclusives!
As we confirm details, you'll be the first to know:

Twice the space in Grocery for your local favorites like raw milk, freshly baked Bantam bread and Fair Trade Organic Maple’s gelato
2nd Floor
Alison will be evolving her current private nutritional counseling practice.

12 feet of Provender service case packed with old favorites and new recipes alike, in addition to exciting prepared food opportunities.

A professional cosmetics experience in our intimate new setting.

A more spacious Produce department will enable us to further strengthen our relationships with local farmers.  Did you know that 99% of our produce is organically grown?


They're already closing in the second floor!


Looks like they cut the windows in the front of the building!


The sun is shining on the NEW New Morning!

Back corner of the building

Take a sneak peek inside the new building! This will be the entryway looking toward the back left corner of the store....

Here are the stairs leading up to the second level!  It's really coming together quickly.

The building is starting to take shape! We're using an environmentally friendly exterior sheathing - an alternative to plywood (which is treated with formaldehyde).  It is non-toxic, very durable and minimizes pollution.



05/09/2011 - Steel studs are going up!

As many of you now know, we have resumed construction
of New Morning's new home at 129 Main Street North in Woodbury.

When I look back at how both New Morning and this community has grown over the years, it amazes me that we started out in 1971 (that's John!) as the New Morning Trading Co.  We moved to the Hollow Road location in 1982 and when we moved to our current location in 1995 we thought we had all the space we would ever need.

Even with all that space, it didn't take long for traffic jams in the aisles and a dearth of carts and baskets to convice us that New Morning needed to grow again!  I am pleased to say that in our 40th Anniversary year we will be moving to our 4th and final home.  ​Jane and I would like to thank you for your support and well wishes, but most of all your patience!  Please keep a lookout for details and updates about the new building on facebook or right here!

Ridiculously LONG PAUSE...

We're on our way!

Many thanks to all for the expressions of support- especially those who came to the public hearings and spoke in favor of our project. This includes our staff and the town of Woodbury- who worked closely with us throughout the months it took to resolve the important issues. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Ground breaking.

New Morning’s new property at Main Street North has a history not uncommon to small town commercial properties- sequential and unrelated businesses that come and go. Originally farmland, the property evolved into a gravel operation and later became a home to the Woodbury bowling lanes in the 1960’s. A series of businesses followed, the last being Puddleducks Daycare Center- that fell into disrepair after it closed. In January 2007, the abandoned structure was demolished and as much of the material that could be, was recycled. A protective fence was then installed along the perimeter of the proposed building location.

Protecting local water resources.

Building a permanent home for New Morning has been a vision of John’s for many years and he’s determined to build one that’s sustainable–practical and eco-friendly with a long, useful life. Significant time was spent during the engineering phaser esearching materials and systems, and designing floor plans and interior layouts that will work well together.   The building site is environmentally sensitive because it’s in an aquifer protection area, part of which is in the 100 -year flood plain. New Morning sees this as an opportunity to install a storm water management system that protects local water resources and also serves as a model for how others might approach a challenge like this in the future. The NEMO project, initiated in 1991 at UCONN offers builders and municipalities’ support in understanding and managing local water issues. We found this site helpful: http://nemo.uconn.edu.

What’s the new building going to look like and how big will it be?

The rendering at the top of this page is the only visual we have so far! Presently, we can say that the building will have two floors accessible to the public. The second floor will serve as expanded classroom space, in addition to some as yet undetermined opportunities. The design and layout of the building interior is being worked on right now. The footprint of the new building will be 14,700 square feet. The retail floor will be approximately 10,000 square feet-up from 4,000 square feet at the current location at Middle Quarter Mall. We’ll post an update just as soon as we can, but things change often as new factors surface- not the least of which is John’s mandate to choose green solutions whenever possible. Check out an online resource for green building that we consult: http://www.buildinggreen.com/menus/builderCategories.cfm

Move-in date.

We’re too far this side of construction to really know. Check in with us  here, in the store or get on our email list! You can also find us on facebook for all of the latest news.

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Photos: Kimberly Bouton