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Sweet Success!

Sweet Saturday was a sumptuous success! We kicked off the chilly February morning with rich and creamy fair trade hot chocolate, courtesy of Coffee-Tea-Etc. Owners, Naren and Gun Sonpal warmed up the early hours with their hot chocolate. For those that were curious, Naren and Gun brought photographs and posters to help explain how fair trade hot chocolate is produced. Customers were delighted to begin their Saturday shopping with a warm cup of hot chocolate in their hands as they meandered throughout the store. The milk for the hot chocolate was courtesy of Amish Country Farms organic milk and the gluten free lady fingers were courtesy of Shabtai Gourmet- you’ll find them everyday at New Morning.

Flyer Chocolate ushered in the mid-day chocolate fix with mouth watering and decadent treats. Everything from creamy milk chocolate with ground Bourbon vanilla beans to very dark chocolate, 77% made from fair trade organic beans from Costa Rica was on hand for customers to sink their teeth into. Many were mesmerized by the flyer caramels made the old fashioned way by caramelizing sugar with fresh butter and heavy dairy cream. Delicious! Customers were quick to grab a chocolate nib or two or three while making their way from the Provender to the Wellness department.

And if that weren’t enough, Leslie Huston of the Back Yard Bee Keepers swooped in mid afternoon to entertain kids with honey sampling and a brilliant honeycomb building art project. Using yellow paper to create individual honeycomb cells, Leslie showed the kids how to attach them together to make a giant honey comb! This was a big hit and a satisfying project for them to take home.  Leslie also made adorable and edible chocolate treats with Marzipan bees perched on top of home made chocolate honeycomb. Almost too charming to eat, but too tasty to pass up!

Lastly, Howard Shafer owner of the Whole Hog- a producer of locally raised pork, (You’ll find their tasty pork chops at The Provender at New Morning) participated in the sweet festivities of the day with decadent bacon delicacies such as bacon brittle and bacon coated in caramelized sugar, an unusual but clear crowd pleaser. This unusual treat was a perfect end to a satisfyingly Sweet Saturday at New Morning!

If you missed Sweet Saturday, look out, Earth Day is coming, Saturday, April 25th, and with it a whole day of monster food and beverage sampling of the latest and greatest in natural and regional goods. All day-11-4:00 pm.